textile sizing agent RG-SOD
textile sizing agent RG-SO
textile sizing agent RG-SFD
textile sizing agent RG-SF
textile sizing agent RG-SE
textile sizing agent RG-SB
acrylic sizing agent RG-SA
sizing auxiliary agent RG-SAG100
sizing auxiliary agent RG-SAL205
oxygen bleaching stabilizer
specific oil remover RG-Y100
Organic silicone defoamer
quick penetrant
alkali resistant penetrant N
penetrant JFC
high efficient refining agent
Triadic scouring enzyme RG-420
pigment binder for dyeing RG-RS
highly efficient anti-stain soaping agent RG-SFZC
soaping agent RG-SP
non-formaldehyde color-fixing agent RG-510T
non-formaldehyde color-fixing agent RG-906
chelating dispersant RG-KW
chelating dispersant RG-SPN
chelating dispersant RG-BS10
Anti-migrating agent RG-SDV
Anti-migrating agent RG-FY2500
substitution alkali RG-JD100
dyeing acid (PH regulator) RG-RS320
dyeing repairing agent
high temperature levelling agent
Leveling agent
acid printing thickener
acid printing penetrating agent
acid anti-adhesion soaping agent
gluing agent RG-YM5254
cross-linking fixing agent RG-GS99A
cross-linking fixing agent RG-H040
anti-adhesion agent softener RG-YL2501
softening agent special for printing RG-CG70
softening agent special for printing RG-BY90
printing permeability-reducing agent RG-RFS
printing permeability-reducing agent RG-802X
complex emulsifying agent
pigment printing emulsifying agent RG-BPE120
gold and silver paste
discharge printing binder RG-HET
binder for nylon
imitation reactive printing binder
high color fastness binder RG-JRQ837
low-temperature binder
printing binder RG-TB108
printing binder RG-P3700
screen printing binder RG-107
thickener for wax imitation printing RG-FL302
reactive printing thickener RG-602
reactive printing thickener RG-FGR
reactive printing thickener RG-FA
reactive printing thickener RG-605GR
reactive printing thickener RG-605
dispersing printing thickener RG-RAF
dispersing printing thickener RG-705
nonionic emulsifying thickener RG-F
thickener RG-HB301A for pigment printing
thickener PTR for pigment printing
thickener RT for pigment printing
thickener RG-302 for pigment printing
Acrapon A paste
stiffening agent RG-SA
stiffening agent RG-BR450
stiffening agent RG-4038
bright softening and smooth agent RG-G606Y
block silicone oil smooth agent RG-P519Y
hydrophilic finishing agent for fabric CGF
emulsifier special for amino silicone oil
amino silicone emulsion
amino silicone oil (for general purpose)
amino silicone oil (specially smooth type)RX-2000
amino silicone oil(high elastic type) RG-2000D
ice sense silicone oil (soft and smooth)RG-BGR
ice sense silicone oil (stiff and smooth)RG-BGH
new block silicone oil RG-W828Y(crude oil)
fluffy block silicone oil RG-P423Y
multicomponent copolymer block silicone oil  RG-D422Y
blend softening agent RG-HQD
chemical fiber softening and smooth agent RG-RH1021
spongy block silicone oil (spongy ternary copolymer silicone oil )RG-ST1020
super soft softener (super soft and smooth block silicone oil) RG-CS1019
block hydrophilic silicone oil RG-Q412Y
block silicone oil for cotton RG-MQD (crude oil)
non-formaldehyde non-iron finishing resin RG-220H
super-low-formaldehyde non-iron finishing resin RG-220C
super-low-formaldehyde non-iron finishing resin RG-220B
low formaldehyde non-iron finishing agent RG-220A
2D resin
Colliers denim washing water white mortar
nylon elastic white rubber cement
elastic color printing rubber cement
elastic matt white rubber cement
elastic and bright white rubber cement
elastic transparent paste
transparent paste
dispersant TB25
thickener T600
coating adhesive RG-TD
coating adhesive RG-TC
coating adhesive RG-TB
coating adhesive RG-TA
dispersing printing thickener RG-705RA
environment-friendly fluorescent
fluorescent pigment paste
environment-friendly pigment paste
general purpose pigment
Concentrated pigment paste
iron oxide pigment paste
easy washable pigment paste
dispersant WS-3H
dispersant WS-3
dispersant WNO
dispersant WSP-5
pigment paste grinding auxiliary RG-B
pigment paste grinding auxiliary RG-A
Oil soluble dispersant OBS-A
pigment dispersant WBS-10
pigment dispersant WBS-9
pigment dispersant WBS-B
pigment dispersant WBS-A
Inorganic pigment dispersing agent WS-1
dispersant WS-25B
chelating dispersant RG-KW
chelating dispersant RG-SPND
chelating dispersant RG-SPN
chelating dispersant RG-BNS11
chelating dispersant RG-BS10
associative thickener RG-DH
alkali soluble thickener RG-JZ600
thickener RG-H
antifoaming agent RG-XP
silicone-acrylate emulsion RG-B20018
vinyl acetate-acrylate emulsion RG-B20017
modified styrene-acrylate emulsion RG-B20016
modified styrene-acrylate emulsion RG-B20015
modified styrene-acrylate emulsion RG-B20014
modified styrene-acrylate emulsion RG-B20013
styrene-acrylate emulsion RG-B20012
modified acrylic emulsion  RG-C20011
acrylic emulsion RG-C20010
acrylic emulsion RG-C20009
waterproof emulsion RG-B20022
waterproof emulsion RG-B20020
waterproof emulsion RG-B20021
waterproof emulsion RG-B20019
Anti-freezing pumping polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent
Poly carboxylic acid water reducing mother liquor
poly carboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent
pigment paste black
Pigment paste blue
emulsifying wax emulsion
acrylic acid finishing agent RG-BT02
acrylic acid finishing agent RG-BT01
nitro-cotton finishing agent RG-XT02
nitro-cotton finishing agent RG-XT01
fatliquor RG-JZ03
fatliquor RG-JZ02
fatliquor RG-JZ01
modified glutaraldehyde
white leather retanning agent
amphoteric retanning agent
acrylic acid retanning agent RG-BR03
acrylic acid retanning agent RG-BR02
acrylic acid retanning agent RG-BR01
retanning agent RG-FR03
retanning agent RG-FR02
retanning agent RG-FR01
leveling dispersant RG-YR02
leveling dispersant RG-YR01
pickling agent RG-JS01
masking neutralizer
liming agent RG-JH02
liming agent RG-JH01
color fixing emulsion
pigment printing paste
lubricating agent
dryer stripping agent
water-resistant agent
deinking agent
paper softening agent
(spread)coating antifoaming agent
pulping antifoaming agent
silicone antifoaming agent
papermaking pigment dispersant WS-2H
papermaking pigment dispersant WS-2
surface sizing agent
viscosity reducer
environment-friendly thickener
thickener RG-BHW
detergent builder RG-WS
detergent builder RG-FSP
detergent builder RG-SP
detergent RG-002
detergent RG-001
sulfonated caster oil
1227 surface active agent
polyester wadding adhesive
non-woven fabric adhesive
high white foam pulp
flocking adhesive RG-ZR8401
High strength binder hair plant pulp
flocking pulp
antibacterial preservative RG-JF
environment-friendly fungicide RG-GS(RG-F01)
environment-friendly fungicide RG-DS
polymer ferric sulphate
antistatic agent RG-S04
antistatic agent RG-S03
antistatic agent RG-S02
antistatic agent RG-S01
acrylic resins
acrylic polymer paste
acrylic polymer emulsion
acrylate copolymer
pigment paste
high foaming paste