Burghardt chemical adhere to shared development. Seeking cooperation in the competition in the development of the CPC cooperation, sharing resources and social partners, sincere cooperation with customers.
Burghardt Chemical uphold the integrity of development. The company is equipped with market applications experienced sales engineers, the establishment of a sound distribution system, standardized management system, take the end-product market, the intention to customer service, and in various forms and ways to interact with customers to establish channels of communication, according to customer needs and feedback, recommend suitable quality products, provide technical services to stabilize the product supply line, reducing customer production costs.
Burghardt Chemical adhere to green development. Promote energy conservation in the production process, the strict implementation of process parameters, reduce the generation and emission of pollutants and waste and reduce the production of environmental pollution, sewage treatment, waste gas treatment are discharge standards.
Burghardt sincere people, is a good partner you work; high-quality products is a good helper to your success.
There you have me, this world will become more beautiful; there you have me, Burghardt will be more brilliant.
Burghardt people are with full enthusiasm, rigorous work attitude to meet the various manufacturers visit.