The company sticks to such technical development idea as “Innovation keeps ahead, and value brings market”, and implements the strategy of developing enterprise by science and technology, so as to realize corporate great-leap-forward and sustainable development, enhance the competitiveness ability of products, and promoter a better and faster development of the company.

        Since the establishment of product research and development as well as technical detection center, a group of high quality and sci-tech talented people with reasonable structure, rich experience and keen on innovation has gather here. Now we have six staff members of senior technical titles, accounting for 8% of the whole number of staff; 22 engineers, accounting for 28% of the whole number; 29 scientific research personnel, accounting for 38%. The company has invested 6,26 million yuan, purchasing a set of high scientific advanced detection equipment and instrument at home and abroad, settling a perfect research and development process and product detection standard, to form an improved technical innovation system.    
        Innovation serves as the core of competition and development. The company has set up networks for product research and development with many institutes of higher education,science and research organizations, as well as customer distribution networks covering many provinces and cities across China. It turns out that the adaptability of products has been improved continually, high quality product conforming to requirements of markets with a sustainable improvement according to requirements of high-end customers, market attraction gained.
        Quality detection, performance test, component analysis, new technology popularization, new formula development and new technique design, all of which has speed up the transformation of product sci-tech achievements, formed key technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights, increased technical content and added value of product, and realized the state of sci-tech bringing innovation, innovation development, development benefits.

        Quality testing, performance testing, component analysis, continue to promote new technologies, develop new formulations, new process design, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the products, forming a with independent intellectual property rights of key technologies and products, increase the technological content of products and added value of products, realize the science and technology innovation, innovation and promote development, and development efficiency.