Ruiguang since established in 1999 has undergone three stages as “starting, innovating and profit-making”: 
        1. Starting the business with numerous difficulties, laid down a rigorous footstone for later development.
        In the beginning, the pioneers of Ruiguang caught the opportunities of chemical development and aimed at chemical sales market with vigorous enthusiasm. After four to five years of efforts, the company has risen to produce two categories and more than 50 types of products. Till 2003, it begun to take shape.
        2.Product innovation has enlarged the development space of company.
        Ruiguang puts an emphasis on product research and development as well as market development, while product similarity can not meet requirements of the market. After many tries and researches, with numerous technical breakthroughs, we solved various difficulties in the course of production successfully, researched and developed new products suitable for requirements of domestic and abroad, which realized a sophistication state, with whose quality reached the international advanced level. That could compete with international first-class peers, which creates advantageous conditions for the company entering the international market.
        3.Scale profit-making has improved the corporate industry chain.3.Scale profit-making has improved the corporate industry chain.
        The scale of company has been enlarged with the increasing of market shares. In 2005, Ruiguang “retreated from city into park”, and invested 80,000 thousand yuan to build one area for production and processing. After that, it has become a comprehensive enterprise of scientific research and environmental protection, which produces water-borne coating, textile auxiliary agent, dyeing and printing auxiliary, paper-making additive, leather auxiliary, petroleum additive, water-based ink, etc., and improves the corporate industry chain. The quality of more than eight varieties of product at present maintains its leadership among its peers inland, which enhances the reputation on market, gains market shares and increases profit-make capability accordingly.
        Strengthen green production and promote green reform to build an industry system of green low carbon cycle development, comes out as new challenges and opportunities to fit the structure transfromation of auxiliary industry in the “new normal” phase. In 2015, Ruiguang took over 42,656 square meters in Weifang Binhai  economic and technological development zone, planned to invest 200 million yuan to build a new area for production and processing, which is based on modern workshop and factory, centered on environmental protection and energy-saving production technique, focused on green and new high-quality products, for innovative development and famous brand.