Dear dealers, colleagues and friends,
        With lots of your cares and helps, Ruiguang has undergone a developmental course for more than a decade. Standing on its development coordinate for a review of history, the road of starting a business with hardworking and persevering for more than a decade, concentrates profound changes Ruiguang has experienced; industrious hardworking for more than a decade shows undaunted spirits and unwavering will power of Ruiguang people.
       “Recalling the past speaks a hard history of starting a business.” Ruiguang Chemical began from the initial stage of reform and opening up. In 1988, her predecessor emerged with the name as “Hanting District Dyeing Auxiliary Factory”. At the begging of starting the business, she had a fund shortage, simple equipment, and single variety product, with a full tasting of hard opening up and struggle. 
       “Today we enjoys glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn.” Especially the recent ten years, Ruiguang Chemical has witnessed great changes. Standard workshop and factory, first-rate equipment, environmental protection product, and sophisticated technique, all of which has manifested the innovation and striding of Ruiguang Chemical. No pains, no gains. Today Ruiguang has become a comprehensive enterprise producing water-borne coating, textile auxiliary agent, dyeing and printing auxiliary, paper-making additive, leather auxiliary, petroleum additive, water-based ink, etc.
       “Look into the future, and build dreams together. ” The same dreams and struggling powers serve not only as a new motive of construction and development for Ruiguang Chemical, but a new starting point of making glories once agin for Ruiguang people. With this belief in breasts, task on shoulders, we will innovate ways of development and methods of working, grasp opportunities to promote core competitiveness of the enterprise, think and work with one heart, plant deep corporate culture basis, activate corporate development vitality, and create corporate splendid achievements.