Dear customers and friends:
       Ruiguang Chemical has passed by more than twenty years of development with your support and help. To step on the coordinates of our development, and look back company development history, over twenty-year arduous entrepreneurial journey make the current Ruiguang Chemical. More than 20 years hardworking showing the all Ruiguang people indomitable spirit and perseverance.
       The memorable past has witnessed those difficult enterprise-pioneering time. To start an undertaking would be like sailing against the current, and no advancing equals to retreating. In front of the fiercely competitive chemical market, we went northward and southward, learned more about management, obtained experiences and introduced technology. Through continuous experimentation and researches, we have overcome numerous technical difficulties and product homogenization, to achieve  final product refinement. We have expanded the market, promoted famous brands, focused on service and built brands, which has formed the business characteristics of Ruiguang Chemical being "accurate" in response to changes, "fast" in the way to take the lead, and "trustworthy" in the origin of vitality.
       To look at the past with glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn.Especially the recent ten years, Ruiguang Chemical has undergone tremendous changes. The standard factory building, the first-class equipment, environment-friendly products, exquisite technology, and the completion of new factories, all have demonstrated the innovation and leaps of Ruiguang Chemical. Hard work leads to harvest. Nowadays, Ruiguang has grown up to be a comprehensive research and environment-friendly enterprise,which produces water-based coatings, textile additives, printing and dyeing additives, paper-making additives, leather additives, petroleum additives, water-based inks, etc. 
      To look forward to the future, let’s build our dreams together.The common dream and the strength of progress have been the new driving forces for construction and development of Ruiguang Chemical,and also a new start point for all staff to reforge new brilliance. With belief in chest, mission on shoulder, we would never forget our original intention. In front of distant places, we firmly believe past dark willows and flowers in bloom lies another village,even though it is rugged, and we also firmly believe  we would set cloud-like sails to cross the sea which raves,even if with strong wind and swift waves.We would make friends with more enterprises, support and cherish each other, and set sails altogether. And we would work with our colleagues to create dream maps, compose songs of development, and celebrate years of harvest altogether.