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Performance and main applications

Pigment paste product introduction

. Component:

Ruiguang pigment paste adopts advanced organic pigments, inorganic pigments, environment friendly pigment and fluorescent pigment four times stronger than its peers, with special additives, dispersed into  ultrafine dispersoid after grinding.The content of pigment differs in accordance with its variety, generally about 35-45%, wherein the content of the white pigment paste and paste overprint white pigment is as high as 55-65%. In addition to paint white paste, overprint white pulp, other varieties have the performance of liquidity.

.Varieties and features:

1. General purpose paste: various types, complete chromatography, thin and uniform pigment particle size, with sound power of hiding and paste stability.

2. Fluorescence paste:in natural light, particles of fluorescent pigment would absorb ultraviolet light and turn it into a colored shade, in addition to reflecting normal color light, thus making the fluorescent pigment particularly vivid in the sun. Fluorescent pigments would be better to show the fluorescent effect on white underlayers, but should not be mixed with other darker colors.

3.Environment friendly paste: With the social development and living standards of people improved, the awareness of environmental protection is growing gradually, especially the much more strict environmental requirements for export products. Our environment-friendly paste contains no aromatic amine compounds prohibited by Europe and America, meeting the requirements of export product.

4.RG multifunctional and concentrated waterborne pigment paste:it is a waterborne thick slurry suspension of high density, high dispersion capacity and various functions. It is prepared from a single pigment species, with advanced equipment, and fine grinding auxiliary, with pigment obtaining a small and uniform degree of fineness, strong tinting strength and dispersing effect.

Ⅲ.Performance, range of application and advantages:

1.It enjoys complete chromatography and beautiful colors;

2.The pigment obtains a small and uniform degree of fineness, strong tinting strength and dispersing effect;

3.It has good fastness and chemical stability;

4.It has a wide range of application, suitable for the printing of blended fabrics for cotton, viscose, polyester, cotton, nylon, polypropylene and various fibers, as well as printing, word spray and spray on wood, paper, leather, etc., used for color mixing of paint For interior and exterior wall, also the tinting of cement, fertilizer, soap, synthetic detergent, cosmetics, smalt, and paper, etc. RG multifuncional concentrated waterborne pigment slurry could also applied to the surface waterborne tinting of wood, glass, plastic, rubber, ceramics, and metals, etc., as well as tinting of such waterborne materials as coating and spraying.  

5.It could be used for textile printing and dyeing paint, with such processes as post-finishing wash and soap wash omitted , thus reducing sewage discharge.

6.It makes use of simple equipment for pigment printing and dyeing, with low labor intensity, high efficiency and resources saving.

Ⅳ.Methods for storage:

1.The product should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry place, avoiding contact with acidic materials.

2.This product should be at 5-35 ℃, with storage life for one year. The container should be stored airtight, tightly closed after use.

3.There would be precipitation occurring for part of pigment particles after long-term storage, then stir for uniformity before use, with no effect on quality.

Note: If you need other performance indicators, please claim it separately.


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