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environment-friendly fluorescent pigment paste

Name of the product:environment-friendly fluorescent pigment paste

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Pigment paste product specification
(一), composition:
Rueiguang licensing pigment using high-grade organic pigment, inorganic pigment, pigment green and than similar pigment brightness strong four times that of the fluorescent pigment, equipped with special additives by grinding dispersion for aqueous ultra fine dispersions, pigment content divided into cultivars, generally about 35-45%, which white paint color paste and cover printing white pulp pigment content is as high as 55-65%. In addition to the white pulp, paint cover printing white paste, the paste has the liquidity of other varieties.
(二), varieties and characteristics:
1, universal colorant: many varieties, complete chromatography, the pigment particle size of fine and uniform, has good covering power, good color stability.
2, the fluorescent colorant: fluorescent pigment particles in natural light, in addition to the normal reflection light, will also absorb ultraviolet light change for colored light, thus making fluorescent pigment in the sun is very bright. Fluorescent pigments in the white substrate layer shows the fluorescent effect, avoid by all means and other deep color mixed use.
3, environmental protection paste: with the social development and people's living standards improve, people's consciousness of environmental protection unceasing enhancement, especially the export products of environmental protection requirements are more stringent. I produced the environmental protection paste does not contain Europe taboo aromatic amine compounds, reach the requirements of export products.
4, RG type multifunctional waterborne pigment condensate paste: is a high concentration, multi function, high dispersion of water thick shaped suspension is prepared by a single pigment varieties of, with advanced equipment, excellent abrasive grinding additives, pigment fineness is small and uniform, high tinting strength, scattered effect.
(三), performance, application scope and advantages:
1, complete chromatography, gorgeous color.
2, pigment particle size of fine and uniform, high coloring power.
3, with good fastness, good chemical stability.
4, a wide range of application. For printing on cotton, rayon, polyester, cotton fibre, polypropylene fibre and various fiber blended fabrics, and in the wood, paper, leather and other materials printing, spraying the word, Penhua, for interior and exterior wall paint color, can also be used for coloring the cement, chemical fertilizer, soap, synthetic detergent, cosmetics, color sand, paper and other materials. RG type multifunctional waterborne pigment condensate paste is also widely used in wood, glass, plastic, rubber, ceramics, metal surface water color, can also be used for coloring coating and spraying water materials.
5, used for paint printing and coating dyeing, can save the postprocessing water washing, soap washing and other processes, thereby reducing the discharge of sewage.
6, paint printing, dyeing equipment is simple, labor intensity is small, high efficiency, saving resources.
(四) storage method:
1, this product should be stored in a cool dry ventilated place, avoid contact with acid material.
2, this product 535 C storage period for one year. Storage containers should pay attention to the airtight, and must be sealed after use.
3, after long-term storage of some pigment particles precipitation phenomenon, before use should be fully stirred evenly, does not affect the quality of the.
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