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Solid color emulsion

Name of the product:Solid color emulsion

Product type


Appearance:milky fluid

Performance and main applications:For color fixing, enhanced color fastness.


relevant product

Name of the product Ionicity Appearance Performance and main applications
Solid color emulsion negative milky fluid For color fixing, enhanced color fastness.
color fixing emulsion anion milk white liquid It is used for color fixing to improve color fastness.
pigment printing paste nonionic various colors It is used to produce the coloring of various colors.
lubricating agent nonionic milk white or brown yellow emulsion It could be use as lubricating agent in the course of coating preparation and coating of coating paper, to improve  quality of coating paper, and be widely used for the processing of such spreading coatings as white board paper and copper paper, etc.
dryer stripping agent nonionic milk white to light yellow transparent liquid It is mainly applied to the stripping of middle to high grade toilet paper, light-weight printing paper, printing paper,aluminium foil backing paper, craft woven paper, high-grade wrappers, etc.
water-resistant agent nonionic colorless to light yellow transparent liquid It is widely applied to the production of paper printing of spreading coating, white paper board and cardboard paper.
deinking agent anion light yellow to brown yellow liquid It is widely applied to waste paper pulping,recycling and deinking treatment of office waste paper, book, journal and newspaper as well as tissue paper.
paper softening agent weak cation milk white to light yellow liquid It could make paper soft, smooth, suitable for tissue paper.